Saturday, January 3, 2009

She didn't TAP

This is lexi and richard she was trying to show him her new UFC moves, lol looks like she was losing but she didnt TAP~

week 18

week 17

My Halloween Chickys


Is getting to big such a big girl, it hurts me that she is getting so big so fast, I will post pictures from her party soon along with lexis. This is her in her christmas dress!

1ST Snowboarding Trip of the Season

So we were getting the itch to go snowboarding and it had been since March since everyone had been, so spur of the moment, we all decided to leave that weekend for West Va. They usually didn't open till the following weekend but since they had a awesome snowfall that week they decided to open a weekend early, Boy were we excited, fresh fallen powder!! nothing better!!

We had a complete blast, it was Richards 1st time every going and now I think he is hooked!


Week 15

Week 14


So......... It has defiantly been awhile since I last bogged, This is something that intend to really do more. It's something that lets me just ramble on and on about things that don't really matter to others, but means a lot to me. It seems when have been through the whole season of winter and I have yet to post one single picture from it, And a lot of people know that's just not like me. I have been keeping my pictures pretty up to date on myspace, but that really is getting old to me. I'm not that young anymore so I need to move on to bigger and better things, lol aka blogging.

I have a ton of fun pictures to share, 2 different trips from us going snowboarding, This was something I was really scared of trying, and of course have feel completely in love with going, its really a blast. This year Richard went with us both times and he too has became addicted to the snow. So more to come on the blogging and lots and lots of pictures soon!